Creatief ontwerp bureau voor grafisch ontwerp, fotografie en illustratie in Amsterdam.

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Hi, I’m
Gertie Vos

A woman with a creative mind

grafisch ontwerp, fotografie en illustratie

She loves adventure!

‘Iedere dag is een nieuwe dag en in elke dag vind je iets moois’, is het levensmotto van Gertie Vos. Schoonheid kan, volgens haar, in allerlei aspecten gevonden worden en het dan vervolgens vertalen naar haar ontwerpen, foto’s of illustraties, dat is het aller mooiste. Geïnspireerd door haar moeder (schilder) en vader (fotograaf) ging ze voor creativiteit en natuurlijk wilde ze het allemaal. Een grafische opleiding werd de eerste keuze gevolgd door fotografie.

Ze begon haar eerste baan bij een klein reclamebureau, Jodh, en haar nieuwsgierigheid en ontdekkingslust werden groter. Na 2 jaar vertrok ze naar Amsterdam waar ze werkte bij het Nederlandse ‘lifestyle’ merk Sissy-Boy en dames label Summum Woman. Sinds 2012 ontwerp en fotografeert Gertie op individuele basis voor verschillende opdrachtgevers. Altijd geïnteresseerd in nieuwe richtingen en het volgen van nieuwe wegen.

Af en toe blijven haar camera en potloden thuis om exposities te bezoeken, lange strandwandelingen te maken of door de stad te slenteren en de omgeving op te slurpen, of zit ze hard te janken bij een gevoelige film in de bioscoop en is ze dol op reizen (met camera natuurlijk).

Geef haar jouw ‘ogen’ om jouw wereld aan haar te laten zien en ze zal geweldige ontwerpen en geraffineerde beelden maken.

‘Every day is a different day and in each day there is beauty’, is the quote of Gertie Vos, which she lives by. Beauty can be found in all kinds of aspects but then translating it into her designs, photographs or illustrations is the best part. Inspired by her mom (painter) and dad (photographer) she went for creativity and off course she wanted it all. So a graphic design study and photography education were there to be fulfilled.

Her start in a small design agency, Jodh, made her wanderlust grow and after 2 years she moved to Amsterdam. There she’s worked for the Dutch fashion and lifestyle brand Sissy-Boy and the Amsterdam fashion label Summum Woman and since 2012 creating on a individual basis for several clients. Always ready for new directions and following different paths.

On a rarely basis her camera and pencils (ok, laptop) stay at home to visit exhibitions, going for long walks on the beach, or wander in the city sucking up the outside world, cry immense at the cinema over a sensitive movie and traveling the world (uh, with camera off course).

Just ‘give’ her your eyes to let her see your world and she will make exquisite artworks and refined photographs.

My Story

Why choose if you can do it all. Because of my passion for photography, design and typography, illustration and art, I decided to pick up my camera, pencils and curiosity to devote myself to these amazing ways of expressing myself. What's not to love!

Graphic Design

It takes fundamental skills to make sophisticated graphic designs and original, creative artworks. It is about the process, context, and communication through image-making and typography. I feel proud when everything ads up in the end as an amazing design.


I can silently watch the world around me and enjoy catching the moment. I can't travel enough so to speak. I love how light works. Black and white is my favorite. The tones and contrast between light and dark areas define black-and-white photography.


I am crazy for fine lines. Leaving it out, but still knowing what's supposed to be there without noticing or realizing it. Making a clean or minimal illustration is about the challenge, it may see so simple and effortless, but those are actually the hardest.

Work Experience

Freelance / 2012-present

I have been working on a freelance basis since 2012 for a variety of clients. Making personal portraits as well as business. Doing assignments as a graphic designer in the fashion industry, designing packaging, creating corporate identities and also shooting campaign images for fashion brands. Illustration is also one of my many talents I really love doing.

Summum Woman / 2012-2017

For almost 5 years I have been a graphic brand manager at the Amsterdam fashion label Summum Woman. Being responsible for al the visual communication for this amazing Woman’s label. For example concept and creation of magazines, the blog, social media, photoshoots, labeling and branding. Designs for online as well as print and signage for the Summum Woman brandstores, B2B and B2C.

Sissy-Boy / 2004-2012

Graphic designer at the Dutch fashion and lifestyle brand Sissy-Boy was my first job when I moved to Amsterdam. I worked with a great team and was responsible for all the graphics, branding, prints, packaging and designs of the fashion label as well as their interior brand ‘Homeland’ and food related section ‘Dagelijks’ en beach pavilion ‘SB Noord’.

Jodh / 2002-2004

After finishing my graphic education I started working at a small publicity agency where I learned a lot. My first experience in the creative sector was wonderful and made me more curious. So I decided to do a photography training / education. What a great way to express yourself, through pictures and graphics.