Creatief ontwerp bureau voor grafisch ontwerp, fotografie en illustratie in Amsterdam.

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For several years I worked at the Dutch fashion and lifestyle brand Sissy-Boy. I had the opportunity to work on different projects for them. Although it has been a while I sure would like to share the designs, this is actually just a little part of it all, I did for and with them. It was an amazing time working there with such a great and creative team. I did the branding and main identity in that time for Sissy-Boy and also their divisions Sissy-Boy Dagelijks, Sissy-Boy Homeland and beach pavilion SB Noord. Designing magazines and brochures of their fashion collections, creating artworks...

The perfect gift

Cadeau's! Wie wordt er niet blij om cadeautjes te krijgen of te geven. Klein of groot. En om het helemaal af te maken is er prachtig pakpapier, mooie linten en zijn er leuke stickers. Ik creëer al jaren prints, teksten en opdrukken voor Ompak Cadeauverpakkingen. Alleen maar blije gedachten wanneer ik aan het ontwerpen ben.   ENGLISH Gifts! Who doesn't get excited to get and to give presents. Little ones or big ones. For the finishing touch there is the perfect wrapping paper, ribbons and labels. Designing for several years now, I make artworks for Ompak Cadeauverpakkingen. Only happy thoughts when creating them....